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100% Grass-fed Beef

Our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef is solely fed pasture grasses and legumes and hay — no grains. Our lean,...

Pastured Grain-Finished Beef

Our grain-finished beef is grass-fed on pasture and given our non-GMO corn (that we raise right here on the farm) in...

Wagyu Beef

Our Wagyu Beef has been finished in the pasture on non-gmo corn. Like the rest of our beef, it has been raised...

Pasture-Raised Chicken from Middlefork Meadows

We are not raising chickens, but have chicken available from Middlefork Meadows, a small Rossville family farm that...

Pasture-Raised Pork

Our pasture-raised pork is raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine, with shelter available during harsh weather...

100% Grassfed Lamb

Our 100% grass-fed lamb is raised on pasture.

Bulk Meats: Beef, Pork, & Lamb

Looking for the best pricing deals on farm fresh meats? Bulk meats are the way to go! Try our 100%...

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