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Ground Grass-fed Beef Patties

Holy Cow Farm Fresh

1 package of 4 grassfed ground beef patties (1/4 pound each) | Approx 1 pound @ $9.50/pound = $9.50 + $0.20 Assembly

Get ready for a beef hamburger patty that has flavor! Amazingly lean ground beef — our customers rave about the quality! The meat in each ground beef package will come from one specific animal, unlike a grocery store ground beef package, which can contain meat from hundreds of animals. Ours is generally 85-90% lean and comes packed in pre-made 1/4 pound patties that are in packages of 4 patties each (1 pound packages) and vacuum packed. Buy one package or get your bundle of ground beef patties from a whole, half, quarter, eighth, or a sixteenth of a beef. Harvested from our 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef.

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