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FRESH Pasture-Raised Free Range Whole Turkeys


Put your deposit down on your FRESH holiday turkey! They will be ready within a week of Thanksgiving. Some turkey deliveries will be arranged as orders come in. Please state your preferred turkey size (probably around 10-20 lbs.)

Our Broad-Breasted Turkeys have been grown on the pasture free-range. They have feasted on grasses, insects, and supplemented with a feed ration that we ground and mixed ourselves. These will be enjoyed for the ultimate Thanksgiving or Christmas Feast, or just to spice up your average day! =) Raised on the Farm with No antibiotics, No growth hormones, and no GMOs just natural turkey! They come bagged, FRESH, and whole.

Price on FRESH Turkeys will be $4.95/lb.

1 DEPOSIT on FRESH whole Turkey (w/i 6 days of Thanksgiving) | Approx 1 DEPOSIT = $25.00