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SHIP MY MEAT Delivery Schedule

Delivery Address:
From Holy Cow Farm Fresh
Monon, IN, 47959
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 Mosher FamilyGrass-fed beef & more, delivered to You

We will be very happy to ship your meat straight to your home!  Thank you for the opportunity!

Indiana Residents:  You can order any products we offer, as long as the shipping addresss on the order is within the state.

Out of State Residents:  Only USDA inspected meats can be shipped to out of state addresses.  You will find the complete product list we can send to you under the "Meats We Can Ship Outside Indiana" category.  Please order from that category only.  (The rest of our products are state inspected.  We will be transitioning many of them to USDA processing during 2019, so the list will be growing!)

 Shipping Details

We ship in insulated coolers with dry ice.  Orders are shipped early in the week to ensure there are no weekend delays. 

Please order online using the links at left.  We will assemble your order, charge based on the exact product weights, and add the shipping charges to finalize your order.  If you would like an estimated shipping charge prior to order, just let us know.

We're confident you will love the products from our small farm.  Thanks for supporting our farm and enjoying our foods! 

The delivery schedule below is automatically generated by the computer software to allow us to take orders.  It does not specifically reflect our shipping dates or your package arrival dates.  

Order online any time for your order to be shipped by UPS to you. Once your order is placed, we will pull it together and give you a specific meat total (as totals on line are approximate package weights), as well as a cost for the shipping fee.

We also use a business shipping service, which saves you money.  There are no minimum orders, however you save money on shipping when you order between 20 to 70 pounds of meat at a time.  Shipping to a business location also saves you money on shipping.  We try to keep shipping costs down by shipping freight.  One to Two days is ideal for freight shipping, depending on the weather, some 3 and 4 day regions may be fine.  If you are in the 5 day region and some of the 4 day regions, the package will have to be shipped via air, which will add to the costs of shipping.  Below is a UPS map of the typical number of days that it takes for your package to ship from our farm to you.


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