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Pasture-Raised Chicken from Middlefork Meadows

We are not raising chickens, but have chicken available from Middlefork Meadows, a small Rossville family farm that is raising chicken just the way that we have in the past. The chickens are raised on pastures in a chicken tractor in the fresh outdoor air for their protection. Every day they're moved to new grass. The meat is tender and succulent with more yellow Omega-3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds. By partnering with Middlefork Meadows, we are able to offer whole birds and your favorite chicken cuts!

Pasture-Raised Whole Chickens -- from Middlefork Meadows

Pasture-Raised Whole Chickens from Middlefork Meadows. Our chickens moved daily to fresh pasture grass. Tender,...

Pasture-Raised Chicken Breasts -- Middlefork Meadows

Chicken breasts from Middlefork Meadows' pasture-raised chickens! Boneless and Skinless and Tenders may or may...

Pasture-Raised Chicken Leg Quarters (Leg & Thigh) --from Middlefork Meadows

Leg quarters are the leg and thigh together, from the pasture-raised chickens from Middlefork Meadows.

Pasture-Raised Chicken Backs -- from Middlefork Meadows

Chicken Backs from pasture-raised Chickens from Middlefork Meadows. With a lot of good fat and meat still attached....

Pasture-Raised Chicken Feet -- from Middlefork Meadows

Chicken Feet from Pasture-Raised Chickens from Middlefork Meadows.

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