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Meats We Can SHIP Outside of Indiana

If your shipping address is outside Indiana, you must restrict your product selection to the items listed below. Federal law requires USDA inspection for food products crossing state lines. Many of our products are currently state inspected, but we are transitioning more and more over to USDA inspection, so the list below will be growing. (If your shipping address is in state, you can order anything on our site!) If your shipping address in NOT in Indiana, please order EXCLUSIVELY from these meats. Thanks so much!

Shank -- from Grassfed Beef* (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

This delicious cut has been cut around 2 inches thick, with a marrow bone in the middle. Shank is wonderful for many recipes, in addition to soups and broths.
1 beef shank* (25% Off SALE!!, Reg. $8.50/lb.) | Approx 1.5 pound @ $6.38/pound = $9.57 + $0.15 Assembly
Soup Bones -- from Grassfed Beef* (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

These grassfed soup bones are highly requested for nutritious bone broths! They come packaged in large bag. Some varying shapes and sizes, but all grassfed healthy non-meat bones.
1 Grassfed soup bone package* (25% Off SALE!!, Reg. $3.25/lb.) | Approx 10 pound @ $2.44/pound = $24.40 + $1.00 Assembly