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Nourishing Land, Animals, and Families

July 30, 2021

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Our beef Grain-Finished Beef are not "typical", with continuous access to green pastures like a grassfed beef, but fatten up with a feast of our own non-GMO corn.  This combination creates the healthiest version of grain-finished, marbled, delicious beef, and amazing T-bone steaks.  Your T-bone Steak can be found on our website or at our Farm Store:

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Holy Cow -- we're the beef!


On the Farm

With all of the green growth in the pastures, our thankfulness abounds.  Growing good meat, healthy meat is an art and a passion that we love pursuing here on the farm.  In pursuit of that passion, our family strives to improve our farming practices to be good stewards of the livestock and the land.  However there is a purpose on our farm that we are even more passionate about than growing good, healthy meat, livestock, or land--all of which we love dearly.  Our Mission Statement here on the farm is: 

Nourishing Land, Animals, and Families

Our Family and Your Family.  The family is a God-given institution that is constantly under attack.  Your family is important to us.  We want to share in a vision of bringing more families around the dinner table together regularly.  Around the dinner table, conversation and time is spent together.  A meal brings people closer.  Our country and our people thrive when God blesses our families.  Join with us in bringing your family around the dinner table.  We like to tell people that best crop on our farm is our children.  Did you know that you are farming too, and your best crop is your family?  We pray for the Lord to bless you with a bountiful harvest.

Thank you for joining us on this farming adventure!

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