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We are currently setting prices for the Beef for the 2018 Season.  

Bulk Pork 

Short Answer: 

Whole or Half Pork:  $3.75/lb. Hanging Weight Plus Processing Fee

Long Answer:  

How the Pork is Raised:  Half OR Whole Pastured-Pork!  No-Antibiotics, No-Hormones, No GMOs!  But, Lots of Fresh Air and Sunshine!  Our animals are not raised in confinement barns (CAFO’s).  They are raised outdoors with shelter available during harsh weather.  

Typical Cuts:  So a ballpark break down of cuts for a HALF PIG would be around (WHOLE WOULD BE DOUBLE THIS): 

13 pounds of pork chops--1" would be around

23 or so (you can do bone in or boneless, or keep as loins, but that affects your poundage)

3 pounds of spare ribs

9 pounds of ground pork--can be turned into sausage or pork burgers if you please

15 pounds of ham--your choice of fresh or hickory smoked, can be whole, cut, or in ham steaks

8 pounds of bacon--fresh side or hickory smoked

10 pounds shoulder roasts--cut in your size preference or as steaks

4 pounds butt pork roasts 

stew bones, hocks (fresh or smoked), neck bones (fresh or smoked), and fat for rendering are all optional, available if you want them.All of these cuts can be sacrificed, if you prefer to have more sausage or ground pork.

When Available:  Next Processing Date is April! 

 Bulk Pork Cost:     I am going to give you the “ball park” numbers for an average pastured pork.  Please keep in mind that each animal harvested is different, so weights may be more or less.  On our bulk pastured pork, we charge by the hanging weight.  Our hanging weight price this year is $3.75/lb.  A deposit seals in your price though for the next processing date.  A typical half of a pig is around 90 pounds hanging weight, give or take, depending on the pig (pigs vary, so this is not a guarantee).  On the pork the actual take home pound of meat is close to around 65% of the hanging weight also.  So on this example for a half of pig, we are close to 58 pounds of actual meat, depending on your cutting preferences, bone in or bone out, etc.  Double that for a whole! The cost of the meat for a half of pig in this example is $337.50 The processing for the pork varies based on the amount of patties, sausage, and smoked meats that you want or any other packaging preferences.  Our processor, Remington Meats, is excellent in working with our customers and walking them through the process so that you get what you really want.  Processing for a half pig is usually close to $100-125 or so.  So that is a grand total of around $457.50.  And you get to choose your cuts, if you don’t want the roasts and other cuts you can make it into premium sausage!  Wow, what a deal!  And the quality blows the grocery store meat out of the water, and you know where it is coming from

Freezer Space:  When it comes to freezer space needed, plan on around 4-6 cubic feet of freezer space per quarter of beef, and also 4-6 cubic feet of freezer space for a ½ of hog.