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Bulk Order Details

Possibly Everything You Wanted To Know, and Then Some! 
Thank you so much for your interest in bulk meats from our small family farm! Get ready, because you are about to find out more information about bulk meat than you might have wanted.  =)  But here it goes: 

Bulk Beef 

Short Answer: 

Non-GMO Grain Finished Beef:  $3.50/lb. Hanging Weight Plus Processing Fee                               
Grassfed Beef:  $4.20/lb. Hanging Weight Plus Processing Fee 
Long Answer:  
How the Beef is Raised:  As far as pasturing our beef, our beef, some of which are born right here on our farm, are pastured with their mamas with only pasture and hay (which we grow mostly all ourselves, unless we have a shortage).   When we finish the grain-finished beef, they are given unlimited quality hay, some pasture grass, and quality grains (which we grow here on the farm as well).  Our grain-finished beef is fed Non-GMO that we have grown right here on the farm!  So technically, our grain-finished beef is grassfed and grain-finished.  Our grassfed beef is finished on just pasture grass and hay, NO grain, technically grassfed and grass-finished.  The key word is pasture!  Our beef are actually on a grass pasture, not on a feedlot and fed "grassfed feed stuffs", like many "grassfed" beef.  We have mostly crossbred cattle, which is heavy on the Angus/Limousin breed.  Our grain-finished beef steers finish out at different rates, but typically we have them eating grain with full hay access (eating like kings) for 3-6 months.   The ones that are on the feed longer are the later born calves, but we keep them all together, because they are very social and it is easier on them to keep them grouped together.  Our grain-finished beef is harvested around 12-18 months of age to ensure only the best beef quality.  Our processor typically hangs the beef to age it before processing for around 10 days, which also ensures very tender meat.  And, our animals live a very low stress happy life here on the farm.  (Less stress hormones and adrenaline in the animals lead to a better tasting meat.)  We spend a lot of time with all of our animals, and we know that happy animals lead to the best quality of life for them and the best quality of meat for you.   We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our farm to enhance beef growth.  Amazingly, if you put good food in front of a beef, it will eat and grow well. 
Typical Cuts:  In a typical quarter of a beef, you will receive (not a guarantee, but an estimate): 
3-4          Chuck Roasts (3 lb. each)
1              Arm Roast (2-3 lb.)
8              Ribeye or Ribsteaks (3/4”)
7              Short Ribs (total of around 7 bones)
50-60     Pounds of Ground Beef            (you can pick the leanness and choose some patties if you like)
4              pounds of Stew Meat
6-7          T-Bone Steaks (3/4”) 
2-3          PorterHouse Steaks (3/4”) or you can forfeit the Porterhouses for Filet Mignon with New York Strips
3-4          Sirloin SteaksRound Steaks or you can forfeit some for Cubed Steaks
1              Swiss SteakSome Soup Bones
1-3          Sirloin Tip Roasts
1-2          Rump Roasts

Also, some of the following could be available in a quarter:  Liver, Tongue, Heart, Brisket, Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, OxTail 

Please keep in mind, this is a list of typical cuts from a quarter of a beef.  Every beef harvested is different, and may not exactly match this list, but this is a ballpark estimate.  And if you want ½ or Whole, just figure accordingly.  You do have some preferences in this:  some cuts may be bone-in or boneless, you may pick the thickness of your steaks (we get 1 inch to 2 inches for our retail sales), you may pick how you want it packaged by either the vacuum-sealed packages like we sell or the cheaper white paper packaging, you may choose how many steaks per package and how many pounds of burger per package,  you may give up your ribeye steaks for a prime rib, AND, if there are any cuts that you do not want, you may choose to have those made into ground beef and just have more ground beef.  Buying bulk beef is cheaper, and you have more choices to get exactly what you want.  =) 

When Available:  Our next non-gmo grain-finished beef will be going to the processor in the fall.  Our next grassfed beef will be later in the fall.  I can customize a quarter for you based on your cut preferences if you like.  If you are desiring exclusively grass-finished beef, it is typically about 20% more in price, due longer time investment, more pasture is needed, and smaller finishing size of the cattle.  

Bulk Beef Cost Estimate:  I am going to give you the “ball park” numbers for an average grain-finished beef.  Please keep in mind that each animal harvested is different, so weights may be more or less.  On average, a 1/4 beef comes out to about 160 pounds hanging weight.  On our bulk beef, we charge by the hanging weight.  Our hanging weight price this year is $3.50/lb (which is 0.25/lb less than last year!).  A deposit seals in your price though for the next processing date.  So you are looking at around $560 for the meat.  The processing for the beef varies based on the amount of patties you want or any other packaging preferences.  Our processor, Remington Meats, is excellent in working with our customers and walking them through the process so that you get what you really want.  Processing for a quarter beef is usually close to $110 or so.  So that is a grand total of $670.  With a hanging weight of 160 pounds, usually the actual amount of packaged beef that you take home is 65% of the hanging weight.  Once again, it depends on your cutting preferences, bone in or bone out, etc.  But as an average, you would be taking home around 104 pounds of meat.  So based on our last beef as an example--that comes out to about $6.44 per pound of actual meat (Less than the retail cost of ground beef!), ranging from filet mignon, ribeyes, t-bones to hamburger patties—1/4 of all of the cuts that are available in a beef the way you want it cut and packaged.  Or if you don’t want the roasts and other cuts you can make it into premium hamburger!  Wow, what a deal!  And the quality blows the grocery store meat out of the water, and you know where it is coming from.  The grassfed beef is about 20% more, so around $804 for a ¼ of a grassfed beef. 

Freezer Space:  When it comes to freezer space needed, plan on around 4-6 cubic feet of freezer space per quarter of beef, and also 4-6 cubic feet of freezer space for a ½ of hog.   

Bulk Pork 

Short Answer: 

For a Half Pig $300, FOR MEAT AND INCLUDING PROCESSING!!!  No surprises, no guesses.                                

For a Whole Pig $550, FOR MEAT AND INCLUDING PROCESSING!!!  No surprises, no guesses. 

Long Answer:  

How the Pork is Raised:  Half OR Whole Pastured-Pork!  No-Antibiotics, No-Hormones, No GMOs!  But, Lots of Fresh Air and Sunshine!  Our animals are not raised in confinement barns (CAFO’s).  They are raised outdoors with shelter available during harsh weather.  

Typical Cuts:  So a ballpark break down of cuts for a HALF PIG would be around (WHOLE WOULD BE DOUBLE THIS): 

13 pounds of pork chops--1" would be around
23 or so (you can do bone in or boneless, or keep as loins, but that affects your poundage)
3 pounds of spare ribs
9 pounds of ground pork--can be turned into sausage or pork burgers if you please
15 pounds of ham--your choice of fresh or hickory smoked, can be whole, cut, or in ham steaks
8 pounds of bacon--fresh side or hickory smoked
10 pounds shoulder roasts--cut in your size preference or as steaks
4 pounds butt pork roasts 
stew bones, hocks (fresh or smoked), neck bones (fresh or smoked), and fat for rendering are all optional, available if you want them.All of these cuts can be sacrificed, if you prefer to have more sausage or ground pork.

When Available:  Wholes and Halves available NOW! 

 Bulk Pork Cost:     A typical half of a pig is around 90 pounds hanging weight, give or take, depending on the pig (pigs vary, so this is not a guarantee).  On the pork the actual take home pound of meat is close to around 65% of the hanging weight also.  So on this example, we are close to 58 pounds of actual meat.  Double that for a whole!

 But we are running a special on our bulk pork right now: 

                                For a Half Pig $300, FOR MEAT AND INCLUDING PROCESSING!!!  No surprises, no guesses. 

                                For a Whole Pig $550, FOR MEAT AND INCLUDING PROCESSING!!!  No surprises, no guesses.


Other Bulk Options

 We do have a variety of beef, pork, and chicken in our freezer here at the farm.  We offer a 15% discount from retail prices for all bulk orders of 100 pounds, which is similar to the discount you get with a 1/4 beef or ½ of hog.  But, you can mix and match the cuts and get a variety of different meats, instead of just beef or pork.   You just send a list of the cuts you want from our inventory list that is available on our website, and we send you an estimate of the cost.  Or, you can order 100 pounds online, and we subtract the discounts before we finalize.  Or, Check Out our Already Available Bundle Packages. 

 We are a small farm and not fancy, but we are transparent.  We want you to know who is growing your meat, where it is grown, and how it is grown.

 If you want to proceed with bulk beef or pork, let me know and we can reserve one for you or put together a bundle package of meat for you. 

 Thanks a Million & God Bless!

Joanne =)


Placing A Bulk Bundle Order

Our bulk bundles are special. There MAY be a waiting period for a bulk bundle, even if our inventory shows that we have it in stock.  (See note below).  To avoid a waiting period, we may offer a substitution if available for equal or better value.

Please order bulk bundles as a separate orders, without other items added in your shopping cart. That way, if there is a delay, we can just hold the order until the bundle is ready.

NOTE: If we let bundles show as "Out Of Stock", you wouldn't be able to place an order, and we wouldn't know that you want one.  Therefore, we try to keep at least one of each bundle showing in inventory.  If we show more than one, it's very likely we have it on hand.  In either case, please place your order and we'll get back to you quickly to confirm the availability and timing.

Pricing, Packages & Storage

All bundle prices are based on the actual weight of  the products you receive. The weights listed below are approximate, since every cut is unique and individually weighed.

All packages are cry-o-vac sealed and frozen by our processor.  They are the same products that you see in the rest of our inventory, so you can look at the individual products for specific details.

Our meats may be stored up to 12 months (and often longer) in a freezer kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beef Bundles

Our beef is LEAN, TENDER, and SAVORY.  You'll notice the difference! All of our beef is fed high quality forages, with some finished on grain for a full flavor taste, and some finished on grass for the best Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio.  However, at this time, all of the bulk beef bundles you see below are for pastured raised animals that are finished on our grains.  


Thank You from Holy Cow Farm Fresh and the Mosher Family!!  Your orders and referrals are truly a blessing to our family!!