Holy Cow Farm Fresh

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Grain-Finished Ground Beef, Patties, Kabobs & More

In addition to our fabulous ground beef and hamburger patties, if you are looking for beef kabobs and those miscellaneous beef cuts that are hard to find, here they are! Affordable cuts, just like grandma used to make! And amazing beef short ribs!

Beef Ribs -- from Grain-Finished Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

A rack of ribs from amazing grain-finished beef. Comes packaged as a whole slab near 2.50 pounds more or less. Amazing beef flavor for a great barbecue!
1 rack of beef ribs | Approx 1.8 pound @ $9.50/pound = $17.10 + $0.18 Assembly
Beef Bones for Your Dog or You!! (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Give your dog the treat he deserves! A nice, Hearty, All-Natural beef bone to chew and enjoy! Frozen and shrink wrapped bones with almost no meat, good for your own soup stock too!
1 Beef Marrow Bone | Approx 1 pound @ $2.00/pound = $2.00 + $0.10 Assembly
Beef Suet -- from Grain-Finished Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Beef fat. Want to render tallow or lard, make soap, feed the birds, or just want fat?? Here it is!! It comes in 2 pound packages (sorry--glass canning jar not included.) Or get the fat with meat attached for stock.
1 package of beef suet (fat) | Approx 2 pound @ $2.00/pound = $4.00 + $0.20 Assembly