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Grain-Finished Beef Roasts & Brisket

Tender beef, savory roasts and amazing briskets from our grain-finished beef. Not only are the beef raised right here on the farm, but we personally raise the high-quality corn and forages they eat as well.

Sirloin Tip Roast -- from Grain-Finished Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

A cut away from the sirloin section, this roast is tender enough to be oven roasted, cooked in a crock pot, or used as kabobs. It’s great as leftovers for sandwiches too!
1 sirloin tip roast 2-4 lbs. | Approx 3 pound @ $7.10/pound = $21.30 + $0.30 Assembly
Chuck Roast -- from Grain-Finished Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

A chuck roast is a thick cut of meat from the shoulder, both boneless and flavorful bone-in. It's an inexpensive cut, with a rich, delicious flavor that makes it a classic main dish for a big home-cooked meal or an Italian Beef. For tender, pull-apart meat, it should be slow cooked to allow time for the meat to soften and become juicy. Great in the crock pot with vegetables for outstanding flavor. Also known as a "London Broil". Harvested from our farm-raised beef, finished on our own farm-raised corn and forages!
1 chuck roast (boneless) | Approx 3 pound @ $7.55/pound = $22.65 + $0.30 Assembly
Brisket--from Grain-Finished Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Amazing flavor--a true hidden treasure of the beef cuts! Beef brisket is from the breast section between the foreshank and plate, with only 2 available per beef. It contains of layers of fat and lean meat, but no bones. Often cured in salt brine to make corned beef brisket, it is usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid.
1 brisket--trimmed, whole | Approx 7 pound @ $8.75/pound = $61.25 + $0.70 Assembly
Inside Round Roast from Grain-Finished Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

This is a flavorful roast cut from the inside of the round of the beef.
1 inside round roast | Approx 2.2 pound @ $7.10/pound = $15.62 + $0.22 Assembly