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Our 100% Grassfed and Grass-Finished Beef is solely fed pasture grasses and legumes and hay--no grains. It offers a generous amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. A lean, healthy beef that is tender and tasty!

Brisket--from Grassfed Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Amazing flavor--a true hidden treasure of the beef cuts! Beef brisket is from the breast section between the foreshank and plate, with only 2 available per beef. It contains of layers of fat and lean meat, but no bones. Often cured in salt brine to make corned beef brisket, it is usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid.
1 brisket--trimmed | Approx 6.5 pound @ $10.50/pound = $68.25 + $0.65 Assembly
Beef Short Ribs -- from Grassfed Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

The super ribs! These are cut from the lower portion of the animal near the belly. Each package typically contains 2-3 short ribs. Beef short ribs are often slow cooked for hours in BBQ sauce. Harvested from our grassfed beef.
1 package of beef short ribs (regular) | Approx 1.5 pound @ $8.50/pound = $12.75 + $0.15 Assembly
Kabob Meat -- from Grassfed Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Cut Grassfed beef ready for kabobs! A larger cut than a stew meat.
1 package of beef kabob meat | Approx 1 pound @ $9.25/pound = $9.25 + $0.10 Assembly
Beef Stew Meat -- from Grassfed Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

A great pre-cut meat that is ready to make any of your soups, stews, casseroles, or skillet meals very flavorful with the natural flavor of our grassfed beef.
No Packages Defined!
Ground Beef -- from Grassfed Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Amazingly lean ground beef! The meat in each ground beef package will come from one specific animal, unlike a grocery store ground beef package, which can contain meat from hundreds of animals. Ours is generally 85-90% lean and comes packed loose in 1 pound packages. Harvested from the finest mature grassfed beef. (10 and 20 pound discounts do not apply to Burger Bundles, because the discount is already applied--thanks and enjoy!)
1 package of Grassfed ground beef | Approx 1 pound @ $8.50/pound = $8.50 + $0.10 Assembly
Beef Liver -- from Grassfed Beef (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

100% grassfed beef liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, but it's usually in short supply. It may be an acquired taste, but those who like it love it! It's great fried up with onions on the skillet.
1 package of beef liver | Approx 1 pound @ $3.75/pound = $3.75 + $0.10 Assembly
Grassfed Beef Bacon (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

A beef version of hickory smoked bacon, something different and tasty.
1 pound Grassfed Beef Bacon | Approx 1 pound @ $9.50/pound = $9.50 + $0.10 Assembly