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Looking for a Good Meat for a Discount? Look no further! The DISCOUNT FREEZER from our On-Farm Store is now available online as well. The Discount Freezer offers meats that are either older or not as pretty of a cut, but available at a cheaper cost. Our family gets our dinner from the Discount Freezer, and we opened it up to share with you as well.

DISCOUNT Meats (Holy Cow Farm Fresh)

Want some yummy meat 25-75% OFF? This pork is amazing, we just have bunches. They are from our Discount Freezer, because the meat is over a year old. But, according to the USDA Website, frozen meat is good indefinitely. Regardless, they are still good meat. And, you get to enjoy the meat with the 25-75% OFF!! Enjoy!
1 DISCOUNT package of 1/4 lb PORK BURGERS (4/pkg)--50% OFF!! | Approx 1 pound @ $2.50/pound = $2.50 + $0.10 Assembly
1 DISCOUNT Pork SHOULDER Roast 10-14 lbs.--50% OFF!! | Approx 12 pound @ $2.43/pound = $29.16 + $1.20 Assembly Out of Stock
1 DISCOUNT Pork SHOULDER Roast 14-18 lbs.--50% OFF!! | Approx 16 pound @ $2.43/pound = $38.88 + $1.60 Assembly
1 DISCOUNT Whole Pork FRESH HAM 13-19 lbs.--75% OFF!! | Approx 16 pound @ $1.13/pound = $18.08 + $1.60 Assembly